Thanks have a great weekend. Let the wood shop know they are magicians. The wood looks awesome. And as always you and Roberto did a great job as well!


The game table looks excellent. It was a pleasure working with you on this and we will certainly use you and your company in future with our interior needs. I will forward the bill to our office for payment. Thank you to you and your team.


Angelo is a good one! Good find.

Great at creative thinking outside the box.


Hello Wendy,

Thanks to you, we finally got out of Gulfstream last week, the deal was closed and we flew it into the EJM facility in Cincinnati. I want to let Mario know how impressed I was of how you stood by your company and insisted that Cabin Crafters did all the work properly. You had right on your side and they finally saw the light.

You showed them that there was another way to look at this issue and our airplane became the very first aircraft anyone at Gulfstream can remember that got through this process without them recovering the seats.

Hope to see you guys at Cabin Crafters soon.

Thanks again for all of your efforts,

David Romeu

Dear Mr. Diaz,

This letter is to formally thank you and your team for the work that was done on our Falcon 900EX, serial number 099. I understand downtime during this project was a large obstacle, and I appreciate you making us feel as though our aircraft was your priority. The job was completed showing fanatical attention to detail for even the smallest of items. Your entire team should be proud of the work and craftsmanship that was exhibited by all.

l would like to specifically acknowledge Natalia Giraldo for her management, support and dedication to the entire project.

l look forward to continuing our professional relationship and working with your team in the future.


Harry Schillaci Aircraft Manager


Please accept my customer survey below:

Task Score
Quality of work (Field Technicians) 10
Quality of work (shop personnel) 10
Quality of work (Office staff) 10
Attitude (Field Technicians) 10
Attitude (Office staff) 10
Quality of Documentation 10
Timeliness all disciplines 10

This project was a gamble for us, the jump-seat was a contingency of the sale so we began the modification as soon as the buyer and seller reached a verbal agreement (eight days ago) hoping that we could outpace the lawyers and not delay the eventual repositioning of the aircraft. With the help of your team I’m glad to say it was a tie, the contract was signed an hour ago at the end of the business week (Lawyer time) and our project will be done by the end of the business week (Aviation time).

Many thanks,


Cabin Crafters Comes of Age

Kirby J. Harrison describes Cabin Crafters in an article written for AIN Online: 

Much of the business at Cabin Crafters comes in the form of interior components construction–seats, cabinetry and shell liners. Shops for these items are located at the South Hackensack facility, along with engineering and administration. The company holds a Part 145 repair station certificate and recently received an STC and PMA for a cabin liner kit for the AgustaWestland AW119 Koala.

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